Staying Cool For Bedtime In The Tropics

If you are staying or vacationing in a tropical area, the heat at night may overwhelm you. Good thing if you have air conditioning but what if you do not? You will most likely end up waking up in the middle of the night or tossing and turning numerous times because of night sweats.

This is not really a great way to get some quality sleep and your body will not be able to recharge and recover. Here are some tips to stay cool while you sleep in the tropics:

Dress comfortably

The way you dress in bed can contribute to your night sweats. It is important to wear comfortable and lose clothing like women silk pajamas to make sure that the air is circulating around your body. Wearing tight clothes or pajamas made out of thick fabric will just trap the heat in your body and make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to know more about silk nightgown, you can find its details on

Sleep on the floor

The heat can sometimes get in your bed and stay in it at night. It is a good idea to move your mattress on the floor and sleep there. It will be cooler and it will also help your muscles relieve its kinks since you are sleeping on a flat surface. If you do not want to sit on the floor, you can also try sleeping in a hammock as it also allows the air to circulate around you.

Change your sheets

If you want to stay in bed but you are prone to sweating at night, you can change your sheets to something more light and breathable. Satin sheets has the same luxurious feel as silk pajamas for women so that can be a good option for hot and humid nights since they do not absorb heat and feels cooler on the skin.

Damp your hair

One way to feel cool at night is to damp your hair before you go to bed. Your head is the hottest part when you try to sleep so spraying your head with cold weather and just enough to damp your scalp will help you say cool enough to slip into sleep easily.