What Are The Duties Of The Dog Walker?

Dog walking is an activity for the care of the dog in which a person walks with the dog. A dog walker brings the dog from the home of the dog’s owner and after return back to the owner. For such work, a dog walking services charges good money. If you want to be a dog walker, it is a good career option. A dog walker should be aware of the duties of a good dog walker like to feed the food to the dog. There are many duties which a good dog Walker performs to make the client happy.

Primary duties of the dog Walker:

1.      Exercise for the dogs

When a dog’s owner is giving you the dog, then he would want that you try to make his dog physically fit. A dog Walker takes the dog from the residence from and brings it back; during this period, he should conduct such activities that could help the dog in exercise.

2.      The walk disposes of dog’s droppings

There are many duties of a dog walker; one of the responsibilities is to pay attention that dog disposed of the dropping during the walking period. A person giving you gives dog because he doesn’t have the time to go with a dog, so it is your responsibility to give your best service.

3.      Provide Food and water

Dog walking usually goes for half an hour or one hour; in this period, a dog walker has to ensure that the dog is hot hungry. If you feel that dog is hungry, then provide the water and food immediately

4.      Review of all services after wall

A good dog walker always reviews his service. He searches for the thing which should be improved. After walking, it is the responsibility of the dog walker. Check that all the basic needs are completed during the walk.